In-Situ Visualization for 3D Agent-Based Vocal Fold Inflammation and Repair Simulation

Nuttiiya Seekhao, Joseph Jaja, Luc Mongeau and Nicole Li-Jessen

A fast and insightful visualization is essential in modeling system behaviors and understanding underlying inter-cellular mechanisms. High fidelity models produce billions of data points per time step, making in situ visualization techniques desirable as they mitigate I/O bottlenecks and provide computational steering capability. In this work, we present a novel high-performance scheme to simulate the vocal fold inflammation and repair with in situ visualization, using little to no extra cost in execution time and computing resource. The visualization component is first optimized with an adaptive sampling scheme to accelerate the rendering process while maintaining the precision of displayed visual results. The program then employs VirtualGL to perform visualization in situ. The scheme overlaps visualization and simulation, resulting in the optimal utilization of computing resources. This results in an in situ system biology simulation suite capable of remote simulation of 17 million biological cells and 1.2 billion chemical data points, remote visualization of the results, and delivery of visualized frame with aggregated statistics to remote client in real-time.

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