Workshop on In situ Visualization Speakers

Session 1 Keynote
Hank Childs
9:05 -- 9:50 In Situ Processing: Motivations, Instantiations, and Opportunities
Abstract Paper
Session 1 Regular Talks
Alexander Matthes, Axel Huebl, René Widera, Sebastian Grottel, Stefan Gumhold and Michael Bussmann
9:50 -- 10:08 In Situ, Steerable, Hardware-Independent and Data-Structure Agnostic Visualization with ISAAC
Abstract Slides Paper
Brad Whitlock and Earl Duque
10:08 -- 10:26 - In Situ Production of Extract Databases for Visualization
Abstract Slides Paper
Robert Sisneros and David Pugmire
10:26 -- 10:42 Doubling the Whammy: Relating Parallel Particle Advection State of the Practice to In Situ Processing
Abstract Slides
Will Usher, Ingo Wald, Aaron Knoll, Michael Papka and Valerio Pascucci
10:42 -- 11:00 In Situ Exploration of Particle Simulations with Ray Tracing
Abstract Slides Paper
Session 2 Keynote
Kelly Gaither
11:35 -- 12:20 Visualization at Supercomputing Centers: The Tale of Little Big Iron and the Three Skinny Guys
Session 2 Regular Talks
Joachim Pouderoux, Andrew Bauer, Julien Jomier and Berk Geveci
12:20 -- 12:38 Extreme Scale In Situ Analysis with ParaView Catalyst
Abstract Slides
Jens Henrik Göbbert, Mathis Bode, Andreas Lintermann and Herwig Zilken
12:38 -- 12:56 Lowering the Barriers to In Situ Visualization
Abstract Slides

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