Extreme Scale In Situ Analysis with ParaView Catalyst

Joachim Pouderoux, Andrew Bauer, Julien Jomier and Berk Geveci

As supercomputing moves towards exascale, scientists, engineers and medical researchers will look for efficient and cost effective ways to enable data analysis and visualization for the products of their computational efforts. The ‘exa’ metric prefix stands for quintillion, and the proposed exascale computers would approximately perform as many operations per second as 50 million laptops. Clearly, typical spatial and temporal data reduction techniques employed for post-processing will not yield desirable results where reductions of 10e3 to 10e6 may still produce petabytes to terabytes of data to transfer or store. Since transferring or storing data may no longer be viable for many simulation applications, data analysis and visualization must now be performed in situ. In this presentation, we will present the current status of ParaView Catalyst, one of the leading production quality in situ frameworks. Catalyst is a light-weight version of the ParaView server library that is designed to be directly embedded into parallel simulation codes. It has been integrated into dozens of simulation codes and has been scaled up to 1M MPI ranks. Our talk will focus on recent advancements in Catalyst.

ISC Workshops BARCO University of Stuttgart University of Tartu

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